Lady of Darkness Series

Of Death And Darkness
Lady of Darkness Book 1
Mel spends the first twenty-four years of her life as a loner. All she is trying to do is find her place to exist in the world. In walks a coven of sexy vampires, who teach her there is more to life than what she could ever expect. There's just one small problem...she will have to fight to keep it.
In Dreams Of Despair
Lady Of Darkness Book 2
When light fades from dreams and darkness creeps in, what is left to keep them from becoming nightmares? Ali isn't so sure that she wants to find out. Tortured for several long years with dreams of despair, the time has come that the decision is no longer hers to make. Thankfully, Ali isn't alone in her fight. The only question is, even with the assistance of Mel and her coven, plus several of Ali's own, very alpha, vampire mates, will it be enough?

Coming 2021!